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September 17, 2011


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MTT species info

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 17, 2011, 8:56 AM


Wow. This got out of hand really fast. All of a sudden I have a ton of people making a ton of MTT characters all at once, popping out one right after the other. I really did not want it to turn out this way, these rules were meant to try and cut down on the amount of new MTTs being made, but that didn't work out like I wanted it to at all. Worked quite the opposite. So I'm sorry to say this, but the MTTs are now a closed species until further notice. Only way to get one from now on are adoption contests, which I will be hosting more often. Everyone who has already gotten permission for however many MTTs they asked of me, can still make theirs. Going back on my word like that would be lame. Again, I'm sorry, but I don't want to just wait until the fad blows over. The MTT species will stay closed for a while, but I am not sure how long exactly. Maybe a few months, maybe forever.
And I want to stress this is not because of any one certain person, so anyone doesn't have to feel guilty about this. No one needs to apologize.

Rules for creating your own MTT:
-From now on, you have to ask permission to create an MTT! Pretty much just so I know who you are – I probably won't decline anyone's request. Unless I have a real reason to. the only way to get one is through an adoption contest, or doing something significant for the MTT community as a whole, or by just being awesome lol.

-You will have to read all of this, pay attention while doing it and if you can't be arsed, you don't deserve to make an MTT.

-Check out :iconclubmtt: to get a general idea of what the species looks like

-You can show me a colored sketch or something like that before you complete a ref sheet, so I can point out any errors and you can correct them before proceeding. If you choose to skip this, you will change anything and everything I ask you to on the finished product. I WILL be stricter from now on – I won't let design errors slip by as easily as before.

-You will join ClubMTT and submit any and all pictures you draw of your or others' MTTs there- this is just so I can keep track of all the MTT owners and MTT art that's out there.

-You will credit me for the species whenever you post a picture of your or anyone else's MTT.

-If in doubt, ASK. I know I sound really bitchy here with these rules, but I don't bite |D I always appreciate it if people ask about something they are uncertain on rather than going ahead and doing it wrong.

Part 1: MTT species – general description and history
MTTs are much like a parasitic race of aliens. The whole race saps one place dry of life, then moves on to another planet, where they eliminate the original inhabitants and eventually make the planet uninhabitable.They have found such an inconspicuous way to do it though, that they are never met with resistance from the original inhabitants of the planet they have chosen to reside on, in this case, Earth.

Let's start off with the fact that MTTs have two "forms". One of them is their original, quadruped, blank-eyed and stick-legged form, often called the "draconic" form by inhabitants of the Earth, due to their vague resemblance of dragons more than anything else on Earth. This is the original form of the MTTs, what they started out with. MTTs were capable of taking on a similar form to that of the inhabitants of whatever planet they invaded, so as to be accepted by them as their own. This is known as the "humanoid" form, since its more often than not biped. Even while adapting to the form of the original inhabitants, MTTs always kept their original form, able to shift between the two whenever they wish, so as to preserve their own race.

The more time MTTs spend alongside another race, the more traits of said race their "humanoid" forms take on. Thus, with time, they look more and more like the original inhabitants, all the while keeping their original form. Becoming more and more like the original race, MTTs eventually gain enough genetic compatibility with the original race to produce offspring. Thus starts the integration of the other race to the MTT race. The MTT genes are dominant, so the offspring resembles a MTT more closely, while retaining only some traits of the other parent.

MTTs are highly resilient creatures. They are able to live in areas that are uninhabitable to most other organisms, being able to resist toxic substances in the air they breathe and being able to adapt to breathe almost anything. Half-MTTs gain most of these traits from their MTT parent. As such, MTTs often have no regard for the environment, because they'll be able to survive anyway. As the planet becomes more and more polluted, life gets harder and harder for the original inhabitants due to the pollution of the planet. They start going extinct, only their half-MTT offspring surviving. Eventually, the original inhabitants go extinct, and MTTs are left to rule the planet, until it becomes uninhabitable even for them. Then it is time to find another planet and race to leech off.

MTTs are a very fast-evolving (or morphing, if you will, because these changes are hardly ever permanent or last very long at all) race, developing from their last appearance to that of the new race they are trying to take over in a matter of decades or centuries at the most, depending on how big the changes that need to be made are. For example, MTTs have already developed quite human-ish faces, only retaining a bit bigger eyes than those of a normal human. Plantigrade legs are already appearing. Becoming genetically compatible enough to produce offspring is right next door. The color of their skin and their markings are the only thing that doesn't change.

This whole process is not something MTTs do consciously. It is programmed deep within the species' instincts and they act on behalf of it without realizing what they are doing.

Part 2: Dragon form

The ability to turn into their dragon form goes largely unused as it has no real purpose anymore on this planet. Back on the planet they were originally from, it was needed to make a faster escape from enemies of other species and other such things.

the body is of slender build and muscular. The neck can vary in length, it depends on the individual.

The base color can be white, black or something else entirely. It goes like this - Let's say we have a 1000 MTTs. Out of those, 700 are white, 290 are black and the remaining 10 have another color for the base color. So they are not exactly rare, but uncommon.

Markings are always very bright, neon colours. They are usually simple geometric shapes like squares, circles and stripes and such, but there really is no limit with the markings and they can be however intricate. Usually the markings are in two colors, less often in one color and almost never more than 3 colors (not counting the base color!).

Blood is always neon yellow.

Tail is long and prehensile. (the ability to alter the length of their tail is gone now) Exact length varies from individual to individual, but the length of the tail tends to be in direct correspondence to the type of body – a more compact and stocky body will have a shorter tail while a lean and long body will have a long tail. See Extacee and Marijuana as examples.

Tail Holographs-
Every individual has holographic shapes surrounding their tail. Whether they make them visible or not is up to them. The holographics don't touch the tail at any point and float freely near the tail. They usually follow the markings on the body to an extent in terms of shape and design and are the same color as markings on the body. The size of them can vary from a small wisp to huge. The holographics make the same zwoom sound a lightsaber makes when moving :'D

Ears- Always pretty long and big. Earrings are popular. Inside of the ear is almost always the same color as the mouth.

1 to 5 pairs of big, round, white and expressionless eyes. Eyes can have different coloration, but that is usually due to an anomaly or disease, so it is not common.

The inside of the mouth is always one of the colors found on the body. So it can be a color of the markings, or even the base color! The teeth are white and very sharp. The tongue is looong and the whole length of it is housed in a neck cavity, but it's rarely brought out in its full length. Their saliva is the same color as the inside of the mouth and is a thick and gooey substance. It has a smell and taste of something sweet, like candy or fruits.

The size and shape of the legs can be altered; however they can only have two shapes: the "normal" shape and stick shape. So basically they can change their legs to be long and thin sticks whenever they want. These sticks are good for fast getaway and stabbing people in the face.

Fingers & toes-
are just a bit different than ours. Instead of ending in a stubby nub with a nail on it, their fingers & toes smoothly taper to a thin point that is quite sharp. These sharp points present no danger unless harm is intended because their race has had this feature for eons and just as we are used to our sausage-fingers, they are used to their finger-daggers.  These make an effective stabbing weapon if enough force is used. This feature applies to their human form too.

Part  3:Human form

-Average height for guys is 6'3" and for girls it's 6'0", so they are actually not that much taller than humans.

-They are biped and have digitigrade feet.

-MTTs have tails, & they have the ability to make their tail-holographics appear in this form too

- However, they are not able to "stick-ify" their arms or legs when in human form.

- Markings generally remain the same as in dragon form, with some stuff moving around if necessary. An example of this is Marijuana's neck markings, that move to his back when in human form and Bouchon's shoulder marking that switches position a bit.

-Face is generally pretty human-looking. Eyes are bigger and brighter colored than your average human's. Have just one pair of eyes instead of the several they have in dragon form. Ears remain the same, and mouth color too.

Part 4: Reproduction
They have a very different reproductive system. Oh dear, let's see.
Basically, their reproductive organs are their tongues – and the part of transporting genetic information is done by their saliva.

So basically a male and a female will stick their tongues down eachother's throats – and that's MTT sex!

Sticking out one's tongue is not considered an obscene or sexual act as the tongue is also used for speaking and eating. However, licking someone else is indeed considered a sexual act and should not be done in public.

Saliva is basically the same as ours under normal conditions, colorless, no smell and fairly runny. In case of sexual excitement though, special glands start secreting the thick gooey, colored and fruity smelling saliva.

However, for the female to be fertilized, a certain minimum amount of the male's saliva needs to mix with her own and that generally takes time. So a quickie is a great way to avoid " pregnancy".

So. Now let's assume the female MTT's version of an egg cell is fertilized. It is actually situated in a hollow in the top part of their rib cage. And now, a kind of egg forms. It starts growing. And in about 3 months it will have become big enough so that it becomes painful for the female. What does she do now? Barf it out. This is a bit painful, but still nowhere near as difficult as giving birth is for a human. Well, then when the egg is regurgitated, it will continue growing rapidly for 1 month and has to be watched and cared for during that time, as it's important it doesn't get hurt or disturbed cause that could hurt or kill the baby. The egg is a perfect round shape and is the color of the mother's saliva.

So after that month is by, the hatchling baby will make its own way through the egg shell. They are pretty small after "hatching", about 1/3 a human newborn's size. Babies are very well-developed for such a short time, but not able to fend for themselves.

Babies are born pure white/black/other color and their markings will start coming in about 2 weeks into their life. A child will usually inherit one color from both of its parents. So let's say we have guy with green-and-blue markings and a girl with pink-and-red markings. They decide to have a kid, and the kid will be born with blue and pink markings!

From there, the MTT children grow and develop much like human kids, and take only a few years less to fully mature. But, as MTTs have adopted the human schooling system and other traditions, MTTs are still considered legal when they become 18. Their lifespans are similar to those of humans, rarely do they live to be older than 100 years.

Abortion is easy for MTTs and requires no medical assistance. When a female fears she might be pregnant, she will just regurgitate all that comes out, and if there is a small lump amidst a bunch of saliva, she will crush it. The egg is still just a lump of cells and doesn't even look like a baby yet. Doing this is legal to about 1 month into the pregnancy, further than that she would have to wait the 3 months and then give away the egg if the baby is not wanted. Even though pregnancy and giving birth is relatively easy for them, raising the child still takes as much time and responsibility.
What about interspecies copulation? As explained above, the MTTs are not yet genetically compatible with humans to produce offspring, but they do already have the necessary organs. Make of that what you will. Human-MTT couples are not an uncommon sight.

Part 5: Arrival on Earth and what life is like for humans

The MTTs and Zeros exist on Earth in an alternate reality.
The MTTs (nobody has any idea why they are called that) arrived on earth in the middle of 20th century. A fleet of spaceships full of these aliens who were seeking a new place to live after making their own planet unfit for life arrived on Earth. And as they were peaceful and promised great advances in technology, they were welcomed and quickly integrated into the human population. Mankind made a significant leap in technology and soon after the arrival of the aliens, humans made their first ventures into space.

Over time, Earth became sort of a place where all different races and cultures of the universe met - many different alien races can now be found on Earth, although MTTs remain the most plentiful, all the others combined making up about 7% of the whole population.

By the year 2200, Earth has become more and more polluted, hundreds and thousands of species of animals and plants have gone extinct, only the toughest and fastest to adapt surviving. All cities are now 3 times the size they were in the beginning of the 21nd century, so many cities have just melted together and there is very little free land. The sun almost never shines, as the whole sky is constantly covered in a thick layer of a mix of clouds, smoke and gases. World population is estimated to be at about 15 billion. Very little food can be grown by natural means due to the pollution, lack of sunlight and lack of land, so food is being produced by artificial means with artificial sunlight and artificial everything.

Such things as countries are gone. There is one global government and one global currency and one global language. Earth has become one big global village, there are no borders and cultural differences are small.

The human population is dwindling. Once at 6 billion, humans now max out at 5 million at the very most. Humans have almost died out due to their bodies not being able to cope with the level of pollution. Humans are considered an endangered species and measures are taken to ensure their survival.

There are 6 special reserves built for humans across the world near 6 major cities: New York, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo & Sydney. Each of them basically resembles a gigantic bubble or tube (depending on the layout and design of the reserve) as they are essentially domes in which an artificial atmosphere is created and sustained so humans can live there as they once did outside the domes. Each of these reserves can fit ~ 800,000 to 1 000 000 people, depending on it's size, however they are all not filled to the most of their capacity. It is very expensive to run these reserves, and to cover at least some of it, there's a monthly tax everyone who is not human must pay.

It is possible for humans to survive outside these reserves, and many poor people, who simply cannot afford to get into the reserves, do. However, the lifespan of these humans is significantly shorter, they only live to be about 40-50 years old, if even that much. Their lives are marred by general frailness and frequent diseases. A human who has not lived outside in the pollution all their life and thus is not used to it, would find it hard to breathe and talk, would cough a lot and lose consciousness in a relatively short time. If a human needs to venture outside their reserve, special masks that supply enough oxygen are used.

So when MTTs arrived on Earth, wanting to fit in and not quite getting the point behind Earth names, the first MTT babies born on Earth were named after random earth objects. Some time later they realized their mistake, but it had already become a tradition. So MTTs often have very random names like Computer, Leaf, Alcohol, a band name, a car brand, whatever. Normal human names are also possible and so are whatever other names you can think of.
If you were one of those who read all of this, thank you C:

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Awww, it's awesome! I really like to read about new species and your info about the MTT is so detailed and just awwww!
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Of course you have every right to want the species closed so I certainly hope to be able to hitch onto an adoptions round or something if you're doing another one sometime.

Otherwise I'll be sitting here appreciating the work of other people who already own one.

You're so creative to have thought of so much detail for them and I envy that! Stay wonderful!
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Some time ago I saw these species in one of the artists I watch, but now I know the person who created them. The truth is that I fell in love with the anatomy and the colors designs, I was jealous. Now that I know more about them I want one character of them even more. The information is amazing, you did such incredible creatures...seriously, I love the idea.
Maybe I'm not too amazing, but I'd like to have one of these. I would like to not have to adopt one, I have points but I'd like to design one for my own, not have to choose other's designs. Even if they are the coolest adopts ever I'd like to design one by myself xS If you say no I'll try to adopt one, but anyways thanks for reading all this comment xD
Cynder18 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Not awesome, but would I be able to make one? You CAN say no! It's fine. I love the species! :D they are awesome! I will be a member and watch you Even if I can make one.(not just because of the species. Its your art)
I'll just adopt one like it says in the journal. Thanks for you time. :dummy:
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Sorry, but no :'C there's a raffle goin on at #ClubMTT right now though, so feel free try your luck with that!
Zorualuver31 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Sorry, I don't do customs :c I have had enough people asking that I think I might try it though. unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly when the next adoption round will be, as I don't even know myself, but hopefully sometime in the beginning of the next month.
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